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Between 1990 and 2010, the city’s 1% saw their median income shoot up from $452,415 to $716,625 in 2010 dollars, even as the bottom 60% hardly saw their incomes budge at all, according to a recent City University study. The trend precedes Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor who envisioned New York as a “luxury city,” and it won’t be easy for de Blasio to reverse — especially as he rolls out pricey new public-employee contracts and programs like universal pre-K that further expand the city’s dependence on its wealthiest citizens.

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‘Players will speed past spilt sticky jam on the kitchen table, dodge flaming Bunsen burners as they take their opponents back to school and zip past the runaway train in races around a railway set and more’, says the press release. Which definitely brings back memories of the old top-down Mega Drive games.

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Shares in the aforementioned Monte dei Paschi bank, which fared worst in the "stress tests" administered by European authorities, have plummeted by 15%. Tough times for the Italian institution, which has been around since 1472, and was founded for the purpose of granting loans to "poor or miserable or needy persons".

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Mrs Goodier explains that excessive sleeping is only part of the problem because when awake during an episode, her daughter is in a child-like state and confused about what is real and what is a dream.

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The Bank of Italy said that the chronic weakness of theeconomy, which is struggling to emerge from the longestrecession since World War Two, had been the main factor behindthe stress test result for Italian banks and warned that withoutimprovement, lenders would continue to struggle.


"In the wake of this catastrophe, there will be drugs, diagnostics and vaccines that are licensed and available," said Rajeev Venkaya, now head of vaccines at Takeda Pharmaceutical and formerly with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Mourinho demands excellence without end from his players and Hazard has responded. It was noticeable how diligently he covered back against Maribor when Filipe Luis and Ivanovic pushed up. He presses, wins the ball. It was Hazard’s acquiring of all these traits, and the growth of Willian and Oscar, that prompted Mourinho to sell Juan Mata, who will be in opposition today.

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In coaching experience and attitude, Hollins represents the antithesis of the laid-back and soft-spoken Kidd. He's hard on players, the tough-love type. When asked about Deron Williams' reputation as a coach killer, Hollins smiles and responds with the best possible answer: "Well, I have a reputation for being a player killer."

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Christie sounded less placating than Cuomo in remarks he made about the quarantined nurse, who went public over hours of questioning at Newark Liberty International Airport and her transfer to a hospital isolation tent.

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Currently in Ireland, 350 dentists work in the PDS and they see more than 250,000 children every year. They also care for some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the public, such as those with intellectual disabilities, older people and young people in the care of the HSE.

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It is not clear that the bank would be an attractive targetfor a buyer. A senior banker told Reuters earlier this week thatItaly would need to pay another bank to take on Monte dei Paschirather than the other way around.

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The gunman's rampage began Wednesday at the National War memorial, where he killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. He then moved to Parliament, where he traded gunfire with security officers as politicians placed chairs against their doors as barricades.

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The bratty diva’s manager Scooter Braun did attend the event, Instagramming a picture and captioning it: “#familytime.” It did not include Grande. But who needs her? The event raised over $2 million despite her absence.

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The first big thing is to watch an infant become a child - to see a tiny consciousness become a distinct, entire human being with a tongue and an articulate imagination and an original point of view. And then, the complement to that big thing occurs when those who were happy as lovers, somehow have to learn to become parents. When once, not long before, you were a boat out on a sea, still watched, perhaps, by a parental eye from a distance, now overnight you become a harbour yourself, with a life-defining responsibility to a new boat, out on its own voyage.

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Mr Leikun took me to the recently opened Guramayle Art Center. Here he discussed a painting - priced at $1,350 - by another artist, Kibrom Gebremedhin, leaving me to ponder the incongruity between such fees and the $150 monthly wages of Ethiopian teachers. Whatever the discrepancies, the demand for art in Ethiopia, and willingness to pay for it are increasing.

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“We think 2035 will be the tipping point in society where a generation retires less well off than their parents – a phenomenon not seen for 100 years,” said Tony Stenning, a senior executive at the fund manager BlackRock who also chairs TSIP.