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SIR – Recently three friends and I took a taxi at midday from St Pancras station to travel the two miles or so to Shaftesbury Avenue. It took one hour due to near-constant gridlock, frequently caused by numerous red London buses stopping across traffic-light junctions, blocking traffic in all directions.

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In fact, the $1.44 billion proposal calls for continuing work on improvement projects and expanded service on several rail lines. The news is a dramatic shift from 2011, when the CTA faced a budget deficit exceeding $300 million.

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Laura Poitras' "Citizenfour" drew a $25,000 average opening in five theaters for the Weinstein Co.'s Radius unit. Expanding to 50 theaters in its second week, Fox Searchlight's "Birdman" took in an average of almost $29,000 per screen.

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The Material Girl and JFK Jr. met briefly at a party following one of her concerts at Madison Square Garden in 1985. Three years later, after the breakup of her stormy marriage to Sean Penn, she went after John. Beyond the obvious — stories of her sexual escapades abounded — Madonna was convinced that destiny was taking a hand in bringing together the undisputed heiress to Monroe’s platinum persona with the son of JFK. She told friends she believed that her affair with JFK Jr. would be nothing less than “cosmic.”

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“By the will of God, every Tunisian should go and vote,” said Ediis Alhamroui. “It is an opportunity to show if you are a real Tunisian or not. Voting is just like any of life’s necessities.”

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His wit and cooking chops shine through starters like the Kentucky salad ($11), a kaleidoscopic heap of black-eyed peas, corn, cherry tomatoes, pickled okra and peanuts in a sweetly spiky vinaigrette. It's nearly symphonic in tastes and textures, but aw-shucks in deliberately messy plating.

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Proud New Yorker: Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo did us proud by having the state and NYC totally prepared for Ebola. Now everybody calm down You’re more likely to get hit by a crazed bike messenger in front of Bellevue than catch Ebola. Reassuring, right?

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The legal action related to getting an order to allow Miss Y to undergo an abortion under the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act. A previous court order had been obtained to allow the woman to be hydrated.

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County officials warn the dangers stretch beyond the 2,000 degree heat of the molten rock.Smoke is also a concern. Oliveira says this could be fairly significant, depending on what starts to burn. County officials that have been visiting homes in the evacuation zones have also been checking properties for hazardous objects and materials, like abandoned vehicles.The lava consumes everything in its path, even sparking methane explosions as it comes across decomposing vegetation.And now that lava is close enough to the first houses that residents can see its glow at night.

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But instead of windows, boffins are working on replacing them with something even better - responsive screens that can show whatever you want - from the clouds outside the plane to interactive websites.

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But IS has skilfully exploited the elements in the caliphate's history which best serve its purposes. The historian Hugh Kennedy has pointed out, for example, that their black uniforms and flags deliberately echo the black robes the Abbasids adopted as their court dress in the 8th Century, thus recalling Islam's Golden Age. And their original title - the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - harks back to the days when there was no national border between the two countries, because both territories were part of the great Islamic caliphate.

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Among the other complaints against Afghan soldiers the Times reports as being mentioned in the investigative file are inability to fight at night and inability to take the lead in clearing villages controlled by the Taliban. The paper also reports that the Green Beret team leader, a captain, claimed that the Afghan National Army (ANA) had provided fewer troops than requested for the June mission, adding that this was not the first time that had happened.

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After the closest, most divisive campaign since Brazilreturned to democracy three decades ago, Rousseff won 51.6percent of votes in a runoff against centrist opposition leaderAecio Neves, who won 48.4 percent support.

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She is not an out-and-out Bush groupie herself, but takes pride in the Bush connection – and the fact that parts of a video promoting Wuthering Heights were shot in what is now her daughter’s bedroom.

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Chased down and challenged, Christie blamed the Democrats for making him tired of hearing about the minimum wage because, he said, they’re using calls for a raise to distract from the Obama administration’s economic record.

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Marussia has followed Caterham to become the second F1 team placed in administration within days, leaving up to 200 jobs at risk. The Banbury-based team will continue to operate, but has already withdrawn from the forthcoming US Grand Prix.