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If you do decide to carve your pumpkin, once you haveremoved the pulp and cleaned out the inside, you can take a few steps toprevent rot. Wipe off any excess dirt from the surface of the pumpkin. Thenmake a bleach solution in a spray bottle or use a spray solution with bleachand douse the entire pumpkin, including the surface, cut areas and inside. Thiswill kill the bacteria that causes the pumpkin to deteriorate. After bleachingthe pumpkin, rub petroleum jelly over the cut edges. Taking these steps aftercarving your pumpkin will maximize its time delighting (or frightening) yourfront porch visitors.

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The ECB's new role is aimed at strengthening the euro currency union by toughening oversight of banks and keeping their troubles from dumping large losses on national governments' finances through bailouts. The ECB is taking over as supervisor for the biggest banks from national supervisors who were considered to be too likely to take it easy on their home banks and not step in to ward off problems. National supervisors will still look after smaller banks.

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“The most pleasing thing is we are showing again that we are believing in making a goal, in spite of the result being bad,” Van Gaal said. “At 1-0 behind, it is fantastic that the players are running until the 90th minute to equalise or win.

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For the American left, the philanthropy of billionaires Charles and David Koch approaches an obsession. There is no cause they have touched, no effort they have mounted that is not — according to the clack of liberal journalists and bloggers who populate the Internet — somehow tainted by their association with it.

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Nearly 50 elected district attorneys from around Wisconsin have declined a request by a conservative group to investigate the Milwaukee County prosecutor behind a secret probe into Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and his allies.


The palatial, 18th-floor property, at 445 Lafayette St., is owned by Kristen Fisher, the widow of late real estate tycoon Richard Fisher, whose family is one of New York's wealthiest real estate dynasties. Fisher inherited the apartment after her husband died from cancer in 2006.

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Danesfield, which is 14 miles from the Grade II-listed manor house the Clooneys are said to have bought in the village of Sonning, offers a suitably glamorous backdrop for a film star and his bride.

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A second Rousseff term will not be easy, especially as a slowing economy strains a government model accustomed to high tax revenues to finance social programs and subsidized credit for companies and consumers.

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“My dad’s friend who lives in New York was driving in the same area recently and someone slashed his tires,” Maria explained. “He had his family in the car, so he kept driving. I’m wondering if they’re not targeting people there, because you’re going slow and it’s super-early in the morning and you’re barely awake—so they carjack you and catch you off guard.”