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So when it comes to the upcoming election for his Senate seat, it might not seem like Cornyn is the ideal choice for progressive Texans who want comprehensive immigration reform. But after a debate Friday night between Cornyn and his Democratic opponent Dr. David Alameel, some Latino leaders told ThinkProgress that they would be voting for Cornyn anyway.

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“The way we articulate social politics or reality, if you may, is completely fictional,” says Del Toro. “We put people to play the roles of perfect people. We elect politicians that are monogamous, abstinent. There is a truly, truly punitive view of what it is to be good. Horror and fantasy liberate you from those roles by telling you imperfection is incredibly attractive.”

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She added that if Pistorius — whom she described as “volatile”, “combustible” and “trigger-happy” — hadn’t killed Reeva, the 27-year-old would have killed someone else "sooner or later."

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HS2 chairman Sir David Higgins has been talking to Adam Parsons, who asked whether an HS4 railway is on the cards. "Ultimately the network needs to be able to get through to Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and be part of the plan," said Sir David. "A combination of upgrading existing network plus new line. Not all of it has to be new."

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According to IDA chief executive, Fintan Hourihan, the failure to treat these children in a timely manner will ‘consign them to repeat courses of antibiotics and pose an unacceptable risk to their health and the possibility of severe dental infection'.

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"I think that's a really inappropriate characterization," he said. "Here is a doctor who went into the medical equivalent of a war zone. This is no different than a soldier that goes into battle to protect us."

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— When Billy didn't want to extend some later "Face to Face" live dates with Elton, the British pianist told the press he respected Billy's decision. Schruers says "privately, he was fuming."


“We have concerns with the unintended consequences of policies not grounded in science may have on efforts to combat Ebola at its source in West Africa,” a senior administration official told The News.

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Bernard Jenkin MP, chair of the Public Administration Select Committee, says the 1.7bn EU bill is "astonishing," but it shows that David Cameron is right to want to renegotiate Britain's relationship with Europe

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The yield on the government’s 7.375 percent bonds dueSeptember 2016 fell four basis points to 7.49 percent, thelowest level since Sept. 12, according to prices from the InterDealer Market Association.

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Happily, Marrone, who moved to the U.S. six years ago to work as a culinary consultant, has more than heritage to provide inspiration. “I have a passion for pizza,” he says, adding that he’s also proud of his short menu of seasonally changing specials and entrees like house-made potato gnocchi served Sorrento-style with cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and basil ($15).