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No, it’s got nothing to do with Harvin not being a hockey fan. No, the man who invented hockey made it up close and personal, calling Harvin “a malcontent” — who, by the way, even drops passes. Oh my goodness gracious.

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Hirsute hombres from all corners of the globe flocked to the Keller Auditorium in Portland, Oregon yesterday, to show off their facial bushes at the World Beard and Moustache Championship.

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They said: "If any of you attempt to leave we'll kill all of you." When we went out they were everywhere. They gathered us where we have our school assembly. As we were there they kept burning the school. They burnt everything.

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We all love our dogs. They repay us with affection, loyalty, fun and amusement, and we boast of their beauty, athletic prowess and impeccable behaviour. But while we can subtly promote our own academic achievements, and hint heavily at the brightness of our children, it is hard to prove – really prove, beyond reasonable doubt – that our canine companions are as intelligent as we know in our hearts they must be.

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"Stepping up to a public health crisis is what these medical centers do, and in the past weeks we have been actively readying ourselves for any health eventuality related to Ebola," Dr. John Stobo, UC senior vice president for health sciences and services said in a statement.

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Rodgers threw for one score and ran for another, but was also picked off twice. He tweaked a hamstring in the third quarter, which appeared to limit the Packers' quarterback for the remainder of the game.

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SHANGHAI, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Global equity index providerMSCI Inc said it is unlikely to add shares of mainlandChina listed companies to its emerging markets index if there was a considerable delay in the launch of a pilotscheme linking the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets.

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Mr Thirlwell's desire to educate extends to leaving chocolates he thinks people should like on the shelves even when they're not selling. The firm's 100% dark chocolate products, for example, took five years to become profitable.

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Humans have odd ideas about water. There is an enormous bath in the garden, full of disgustingly clean-smelling water that has been warmed by the sun. As every dog knows, water should be muddy and cool, yet my master spends hours soaking in this thing with a book, while my mistress reads with her legs dangling elegantly over the side. I hate books (apart from my own, of course); humans generally spend far too much time reading when they should be walking their dogs. I’ve tried my best to break this habit by nudging them, but they just won’t be told – in fact it makes them quite cross.

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A poll of 2,000 UK adults on which aspects of 21st century living leave them feeling stressed found an endless barrage of junk mail, being kept on hold for appointments and public transport delays most annoying.

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"In an increasingly competitive environment, driving monthly active user growth will be more challenging particularly given our already significant market position," Chief Executive Brian McAndrews said on a call with analysts.

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The Prime Minister of Finland, Alex Stubb, said: "To be honest, the EU is not an accounting exercise, where you look at how much you put in and how much you get back. The UK, like Finland, is a rich country. The UK, unlike Finland, has a rebate."

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According to ACT for Meningitis, a charity which aims to raise awareness about the potentially fatal disease, while many people associate meningitis with young children, it tends to peak again during adolescence and college students are particularly vulnerable.

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** British oil and gas explorer Salamander Energy Plc, which operates in Indonesia and Thailand, said it hadreceived a conditional proposal from Ophir Energy Plc and that it was seeking to clarify details of the potentialoffer.