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Hunter Pence adds a sliding catch in right field to a stellar night at the plate — three hits, three RBIs — for the second out of the ninth. Strickland gets Eric Hosmer on a tapper back to the mound to end the 11-4 victory that took exactly 4 hours and evened the series 2-2.

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A: We have had people who used to clean the floors at our recording studio wind up running it. If you put personality quite high on your list of priorities, you can teach most people on the job. In our airlines, 99 percent of our cabin crew do not have work experience with another airline. We hire based on their personality and then train them at Virgin. They don’t come in with bad ideas from other airlines. They come in with a fresh approach.

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“Our places of worship are also playing a huge part in all our plans to commemorate the centenary of the First World War, and this Fund is helping to ensure they can fulfil this role to remember those who gave so much for us so many years ago.”

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"Deterioration of oils during frying is more profound when the oils are reused, a practice more common away from home than at home. This may partly explain why we observed a stronger association of gestational diabetes risk with fried foods consumed away from home than fried foods consumed at home," they noted.

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"Help to Buy has increased the demand for new homes and builders are responding. The industry has increased its output at the quickest rate for 40 years and is looking to continue ratcheting up supply still further," said executive chairman Stewart Baseley.

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The programme is to be piloted shortly in schools in parts of Cork City and Mayo as well as in Dublin 15, with a fourth site to be announced shortly. It is planned to screen 1,800 schoolchildren in each of the four areas.

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He left Scotland at the age of 16 and in 1962 joined his first important band, the influential Alexis Korner's Blues Inc., in London. The band featured drummer Charlie Watts, later to join the Rolling Stones.

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Rubies in the Rubble, which turns 'ugly' fruit and vegetables into preserves, will help hundreds of British farmers to cut down on waste produce through a contract with nationwide online grocer Ocado

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It seems slightly perverse that Daniels has never received a gong, given his longevity and international fame. “People who make films or are in theatre are more likely to be considered for a knighthood because there’s a greater appreciation of the craft,” he says, reflectively. But then reverts to type.

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Mariota matched his season high with five touchdown passes and broke the Oregon record for career passing yards in the Ducks' 59-41 victory over California on Friday night in the first college game at Levi's Stadium.

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Members from single-party constituencies include Dmytro Yarosh, the head of the nationalist group Right Sector. His group which rose to prominence during street fighting in Kiev last winter, ran as a party but failed to cross the five percent threshold to win seats from its party list.


Laurence Leavy's orange Marlins jersey made him easy to spot amid a sea of Kansas City Royals blue. He said a Royals official approached him offering to move him to the team owner's suite, but Leavy declined.

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And in South Carolina, a high school student was sent home for 14 days because the student's parent had visited Senegal, a country that has had one non-fatal case of Ebola and was declared Ebola-free last week, according to a school spokesman.

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The asset review and stress tests pave the way for the ECB to take over on Nov. 4 as the Europe's central banking supervisor. The test is supposed to make sure hidden troubles in the system are fixed before landing in the ECB's lap.