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A mandatory quarantine imposed by New York and New Jersey on health care workers who came into contact with Ebola victims in West Africa blindsided many local and federal health officials, according o a report.

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Yet the fact is, according to the organisation Cancer52, more than half of all cancer deaths in Britain are as a result of rare forms of the disease. A lot of us are going to die from cancers that have no effective treatments.

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"For us, it was really important to be on Fire TV because of our beyond-mobile strategy," said Chris Kassulke, CEO and co-founder of HandyGames in a press release sent to TechRadar. "The end-consumer should have access to their games, whether they are on the go or at home in the living room, and is the reason why we optimized all our games for Fire TV."

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It resolves shareholder allegations that Fannie Mae defrauded shareholders and inflated its stock by issuing false and misleading statements about its internal controls, capitalization, accounting, and exposure to subprime and low-documentation "Alt-A" mortgages.

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The Chancellor’s cut to the 55 per cent death tax, and the decision to extend the reforms to only certain types of annuities, means the tax system will explicity favour drawdown. So has the fate of the annuity market now been sealed?

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A partnership could make sense because in spite of its growth since the last auction, BSkyB will be more financially outgunned by BT than ever. It is borrowing more than it expected to complete the takeover of Sky Deutschland after minority shareholders, such as the London hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, took the price on offer, amid turmoil in equity markets.

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This Islamic Golden Age was also marked by great intellectual and cultural creativity - the Abbasid court in Baghdad valued literature and music, and fostered world-changing advances in medicine, science and mathematics.

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He had been closely involved in negotiating legal issues for Deutsche Bank such as a probe by regulators of banks over allegations they manipulated the Libor benchmark interest rate as well as currency markets.

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The singing contest launched the gangly, red-headed special education teacher to an entertainment career that has included stints on Broadway in "Monty Python's Spamalot" and on television in "The Celebrity Apprentice." He made the cover of People magazine when he announced in 2008 that he was gay.

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Trans fats are artificially produced fats that are used in thousands of processed foods, from fried food to biscuits and ready-meals. They have already been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

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Rousseff, who was jailed and tortured in the early 1970s foropposing that era's military dictatorship, is the country'sfirst woman president. The daughter of a Bulgarian aristocratwho emigrated to Brazil during World War Two, she was arelatively obscure government technocrat until her predecessorLuiz Inacio Lula da Silva hand-picked her as his successor.

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In this melancholy mood, I wandered over just yesterday to a favourite bridge of mine, the Pont Des Arts, to look at - well, to look at the lovelocks. The Pont Des Arts is the footbridge that connects the left bank to right - or rather left bank to the Louvre. These days, the bridge is covered, horribly congealed with, groaning under, another kind of love lock - the small real padlocks people attach to the railings of the bridge, as a sign of their commitment, or at least of their willingness to spend enough on a lock to pretend to be committed. The practice, which I'm sure you've read about, is simple, and by now repeated in the tens of thousands - you buy a padlock, you and your beloved both inscribe your initials on it with a heavy felt pen, you lock it to the bridge - and then fling the key away into the river, indicating that your love will never be unlocked.

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"Banks face a significant challenge as the sector remainschronically unprofitable and must address their 879 billion euroexposure to non-performing loans as this will tie-up significantamounts of capital," accountancy firm KPMG noted.

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More than 200 carers have already taken part in the study, which began last June, however it now wants to recruit more volunteers. They should be over the age of 50 and currently be providing care for a spouse or common-law partner with dementia in the home.

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Over the last decade, he’s been accused of following tenants to work and questioning their colleagues about the tenants’ living situations. He’s allegedly told tenants the decrepit conditions they endure won't be fixed anytime soon, so they might as well just get out.

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"I always wondered: what if you could design a system thatwould allow humans to explore the stratosphere as easily andsafely as they do the ocean?" Eustace is quoted as saying on thespace development company's website. (Reporting by Barbara Goldberg; Editing by Marguerita Choy)

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"We have managed to push out Islamic State terrorists from the town of Jurf al-Sakhar today and now we are raising the Iraqi flag over the government offices," provincial governor Sadiq Madloul told Reuters.

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti praised CBS for keeping the show in the city as California politicians have sought to stem the outflow of entertainment production which has been lured by tax incentives from other states.

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Carolina's defense, which had allowed at least 37 points in four of its previous five games, held the defending Super Bowl champions in check before Wilson led a nine-play, 80-yard drive for the only touchdown.

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Good morning. Our top story this morning is the announcement that the government has backed proposals for HS3 (yes, that's three) - a high speed rail link across some of the biggest cities in the north of England. It would connect to HS2, and could cut journey times from Manchester to Leeds from 48 to 26 minutes. Stay with us for reaction to that, and the rest of the business news.

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When my elder daughter attended, she was allowed out of school on “educational grounds” to visit Greece and Italy, Mauritius and the Bahamas. We were so grateful, we ensured she kept a diary and scrapbook of her travels.

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The new faces of Islanders ownership stayed mostly muted about what their roles would be in the next few years, but when asked to deliver one message to Islanders fans, Jonathan Ledecky just couldn’t resist:

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We’ll be keeping an eye on the forecast for this weekend as low pressure is forecast to move through the area. At the same time, much colder air is forecast to move into the area for the weekend. Colder air combined with low pressure moving in could result in the first snowfall of the season especially over northern locations and the higher terrain. There is still several days before this arrives so nothing is set in stone at this point however computer data has been pretty consistent with showing the potential for some snow this weekend. We’ll keep you posted as we get closer.

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In a patient who I am considering treating with the nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor (AI) exemestane (Aromasin), a reasonable option supported by clinical trial data is to combine it with the mTOR inhibitor everolimus (Afinitor). A phase III study showed a 2.5-fold prolongation in median progression-free survival (PFS) with everolimus plus exemestane compared with placebo plus exemestane, but patients must be prepared to experience mouth sores, skin rash, and fatigue.