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The latest proposals represent the strongest action to date, and should see firms punished more readily. Mr Javid gave the example of Tetrus Telecoms. In 2012, Christopher Niebel and Gary McNeish, joint owners the firm, were fined 300,000 and 140,000 respectively for sending millions of unlawful spam texts over a three-year period. However, Mr Niebel successfully appealed against the sanction in October 2013 with the court ruling the messages did not cause "substantial distress".

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President Paul Kagame's government, members of parliament and genocide survivors have expressed their anger at the BBC over the recent documentary that suggested the country's president may have had a hand shooting down his predecessor's plane, a crash that triggered the mass killings.

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Bank estimates for the pool of corporate bonds likely to be eligible - stripping out those with very short maturities,foreign currencies or issuers and junk ratings - range from 700billion to 1.1 trillion euros.

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A: It was very draining. People would stare at me all the time. One guy who had worked with me on an earlier film thought I’d had an accident and I was acting in spite of that. I saw that in New York, where people don’t recognize me, they went out of the way to help me. It just gives you a perspective about how the world views someone with disabilities.

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"Precision's growth has been most significant in the U.S. where ourdrilling days increased 20% year over year, compared to an 8%increase in industry activity. With 20 scheduled new-build deliveriesto the U.S. market from the start of the fourth quarter 2014 untilmid-2015, we expect to continue to expand our market presence. Theserig deliveries, along with four Canadian and two internationalnew-build deliveries over the same time period, will further supportour high performance operations and the cash flows delivered by ourfleet. We continue to have conversations with customers aboutnew-build rig deliveries in 2015 and expect to deliver new-build rigsin the second half of the year as these discussions advance tocontracted agreements."

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By encouraging the use of data collection and sharing platforms like Echo Mobile, institutions like IBM and Cambridge University Africa’s Voices project are leveraging on government open data with the aim of monitoring and tracking population movement enabling scientists to map and predict the spread of disease.


Though the majority of Piccadilly Line users have their days brightened by the constant announcement that the train terminates at a phallic-sounding place called Cockfosters, there’s always someone who just isn’t that fun. Whatever you do, don't be that person

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Mr Huang seems to share his pets' adventurous streak. He is certainly no ordinary businessman. In addition to amassing an array of unusual animals, he has climbed Everest several times, and has been writing poetry since childhood.

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"There are bigger ones in museums and there were bigger ones certainly near the Gold Rush period, but today it's believed to be the largest gold nugget in private hands in California," said Donald Kagin, president of Kagin's.

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Unfortunately, the pretense has the opposite effect. It produces not reassurance but anxiety. Obama’s determined detachment conveys the feeling that nobody’s home. No one leading. Not even from behind.

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Their murders have dented Thailand's tourism industry, which accounts for nearly 10 percent of gross domestic product, at a time when the sector is struggling to recover from months of political unrest and a May 22 coup.

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His brother told The Guardian: “My brother was never a fighter. He never mentioned picking up a gun. If he did join Al-Nusra [an affiliate of al-Qaeda] it would have been because of Islamic State, who were killing people who didn’t pledge allegiance to them. You have to join a group to get protection.”

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With the decline in school nurse numbers, the problems they used to deal with haven’t gone away. Instead, we’re simply piling the workload on to exhausted teachers who have enough to do as it is.

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The figures from the European Central Bank showed corporatelending decreased on an annual basis in countries like Italy,Spain, Portugal and Ireland, but continued to rise in Germany,Finland, France and Austria.

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Bishop was irritated by comments Poulter made in his book released this week about the Ryder Cup captaincy of Faldo in 2008 and Watson this year at Gleneagles. Bishop was with Faldo at The Greenbrier on Thursday when he tweeted to Poulter, “Faldo’s record stands by itself. Six majors and all-time RC points. Yours vs. His? Lil Girl.”

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Daniels may have won more trophies than Frankel – from the Magic Circle and the Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts – and been fd from Los Angeles to New Zealand, but when the plug was pulled in Britain, the couple went overnight from prime-time performers to the stuff of panel show comedians’ punchlines.

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Later, Saints coach Sean Payton set up New Orleans' fourth-down stop by challenging the spot of a reception near the first down marker. Initially ruled a first down, the spot was moved back a yard, then Hawthorne and defensive tackle Tyrunn Walker stuffed Lacy's run to the right.

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Good morning. Our top story this morning is the announcement that the government has backed proposals for HS3 (yes, that's three) - a high speed rail link across some of the biggest cities in the north of England. It would connect to HS2, and could cut journey times from Manchester to Leeds from 48 to 26 minutes. Stay with us for reaction to that, and the rest of the business news.