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Two of Touhey’s former employees, Andy and Piper Wandzilak, eventually became co-owners of the Brooklyn location and planned to retool it for a more mature clientele when Touhey retired in late 2013.

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Sometimes they set up impromptu checkpoints and go through people's IDs, looking for people wanted by IS: former security personnel or judiciary, or anyone suspected of arresting IS members before IS captured the city, or anyone who worked for the governorate or in politics.

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In partnership with China’s Chery (western car makers must have a Chinese partner to get their foot in the door) Jaguar Land Rover’s new plant just outside Shanghai has started running this week with the first Range Rover Evoques rolling out and heading for Chinese buyers. And it won’t stop there.

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Smith telegraphs his flops like he telegraphs most of his passes. He underwent an X-ray after the game on the same right shoulder that served up more completions to the Bills (3) than his own teammates (2) to help the Jets fall to 1-7.

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Transport Minister Claire Perry said: “The cost of driving, especially for young drivers, can be significant and we are committed to cutting costs where we can. Thanks to DVLA making large-scale savings to their running costs, we have been able to cut the cost of the driving licence which will save drivers and businesses 150 million over the next 10 years.”

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Sanaa Seif has been on a hunger strike for nearly two months. She was briefly released in August along with her brother Alaa to attend their father's funeral. During that appearance, she looked to have lost a great deal of weight.

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Hours earlier, a beaming Pham, 26, wearing a smart black pantsuit over a turquoise blouse and necklace, smiled as she thanked her supporters for nursing her back to health after she was hospitalized and diagnosed with Ebola on Oct. 12.

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Minnesota scored 10, 3 and 16 points in the first three games of their losing streak, with Bridgewater throwing for one touchdown and five interceptions and being sacked 13 times in starts against Detroit and Buffalo.

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In another case against German bankers, a court in Julyacquitted ex-managers of bailed-out German lender HSH Nordbank of charges including accounting fraud in a high-profilecase stemming from the financial crisis.

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Cairo Santos added a pair of field goals for Kansas City (4-3), including a career-best 53-yarder right before halftime. Alex Smith was 24 of 28 for 226 yards passing, and Davis capped a run of 34 unanswered points with a short touchdown run in the fourth quarter.

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Is that lady the new Renee Zellweger? Not new as opposed to old, but as opposed to the former Zellweger, the beauty who made puffy cheeks and heavy-lidded eyes the must-have face of Hollywood. But now she has done so much to her mug that she looks like “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” idea of the must-have face. We would say she was happy with her new frozen features but she can’t speak until the spring thaw.

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Since then, numerous adventurers have passed through the remote building. One of the still images in Fredericks' new exhibition depicts the station's pool table, where travellers etched their names into the felt.

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And after he states the obvious and describes Skinny Melo as the team’s “only certified All-Star,” he throws this in this quick rim shot: “It’s also no secret that Melo has to keep the ball moving.”

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"There will be more interactive things in our everyday lives. And I want to be involved in any aspect of that. I don't know if I'll be making Mario but in 10 or 20 years I think I'll still be doing something," Miyamoto said.

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Percy Harvin received the kickoff in the end zone, crossed the goal line and looked to his left, thinking backward pass to T.J. Graham on the opposite end of the field. Graham had just stood up after trying to camouflage himself in the green-painted end zone by laying flat on his stomach. With the Bills closing in, Harvin thought better of it and dove forward, forcing the Jets to start their drive on the three-yard line.

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Plus, you can always get inspired by their slogan sweater by shopping some alternatives from the high-street. From Missguided's 'My Fave Sweater' design, to Wildfox's 'Dance All Night, Sleep All Day' quote, there's some great options out there.


"Whether it is my case or whether it is entertainers being arrested under Yewtree, the fact is the general public will always labour under the assumption that you don't get arrested unless there's something in it," he tells the paper.

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"But there is no other way. I hope we will march on Kiev, and each region of Ukraine will have its own referendum to decide if they want to be part of Russia, part of Ukraine or to create an independent state."