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If Johnson allows Idzik to pick the next coach, it virtually guarantees Idzik two more years because Johnson couldn’t fire Idzik after the 2015 season and force yet another GM to inherit another head coach. In any event, does Johnson really want Idzik making any more important decisions? He is a nice enough man and a wizard with the salary cap, but he’s lost with personnel. It never made sense after firing Tannenbaum, a salary cap guy who tried but ultimately failed to turn himself into a personnel expert, that Johnson would go the financial route again in deciding who was going to run his football operations and be the bottom line personnel decision-maker. The Jets need a football guy making football decisions.

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Upsetting presidents was a Bradlee stock-in-trade. In 1972 the Post joined the New York Times in publishing stories based on the Pentagon Papers, a secret government account of Vietnam War decisions, despite heavy legal pressure. The Post also uncovered details of the Iran-Contra scandal that rocked Ronald Reagan's White House.

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Hickox disputed that account in her article. She said her temperature was normal when tested orally at the hospital, but showed a fever when she was tested using a non-contact forehead scanner, reflecting the fact she was just flustered and anxious.

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“It’s a step-by-step process,” Jackson said. “Usually teams come into the playoffs, learn from being in the playoffs and gradually assume capabilities of carrying out the championship. We still have to kind of come together in a bonding way that creates trust, teamwork, identity, some things like that. So we’re about going through this process and enjoying the process and the journey that we go through. We believe that we’re going to be a playoff team and then we don’t know how far we’ll be able to go. We’re hoping for the best.”

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With the proof-of-concept achieved, Burton says the next phase will be to do a pilot with Duncan Trussell, then hopefully take it to Kickstarter to try to get financial backing to take the technology to the masses.

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A statement from the family said: "Following legal advice, our family has now made a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police about cyber-stalking, harassment and, most recently, rape threats made against Chloe on Twitter.

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During the runoff, senior leaders from both parties compared their rivals to Nazis - a break from the relatively genteel tone that has prevailed in Brazilian politics in recent years, and one that analysts say heralds a more divisive era ahead.

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Humphrey, 20 (absent from this interview) has joined the Territorial Army and is hoping to undergo officer training at Sandhurst. Edmund has left school with little qualifications and admits in the programme he doesn’t have a “scoobydoo” what to do next. He tells me he has an internship lined up, but struggles to remember the name of the company, prompting howls of derision from his siblings.

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Toyota said at the time the investment would give it a stakeof about 2.5 percent, but the size of its current stake is notclear. Toyota said it would not disclose the timing or amount ofthe latest sale, which was first reported by the Nikkei businessdaily.

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The Giants won 11-7 on the way to their first World Series title in San Francisco. They followed with another championship in 2012 and are back in for a third time in five years against the Royals this season.

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"Frying deteriorates oils through the processes of oxidation and hydrogenation, leading to an increase in the absorption of oil degradation products by the foods being fried, and also a loss of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids, and an increase in the corresponding trans fatty acids such as trans-linoleic acids and trans-linolenic acids," they noted.

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— The spats between Billy and Elton escalated when Joel was sick and had to cancel a show in Manchester. Elton would not forgive him. "I don't give a f--k," he said, blaming Joel's drinking. "He's not taking care of himself."

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“Obama's communications team is a disaster. He could do better by dipping into the Clinton era for a battle-tested pro like former press secretary Mike McCurry. Or Dee Dee Myers, whose strategic savvy and communication skills were underappreciated by the men around Clinton.

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Last October, Pablo Cavero, Madrid councillor for transport,infrastructure and housing, told a council session that the onlychange for the IVIMA tenants would be "the name at the top ofthe rent bill," the minutes show. He declined to be interviewed.

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Like the pale-eyed jackdaws watching over the salty Sussex mudflats, we see everything coming just before Connie does. They caw and wheel as we throw another log on the fire and relish every ridiculous minute of Mosse’s fowl play.

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Javeed's legal team state: "It was against this background, and influenced by his younger brother's decision, that Jamshed Javeed subsequently came to the conclusion that he should go to support the ordinary people of Syria.

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"We had a decent run-up ahead of the stress test results,but everyone was jumping on the bandwagon and ramping things upthis morning without any clear reason, given that the results ofthe stress test were in line with market expectations."

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Rich Gannon got the party started in the first quarter Sunday after Geno Smith was intercepted for the third time. “Kevin (Harlan), you and I have done a lot of games over the past 10 years,” Gannon said on CBS. “I don’t remember a quarterback having such a poor start. This is terrible.”

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Even in the old days, a vocational diploma graduate was never limited from furthering his or her education. Many of the students who majored in mechanics or other such trades later went on to be engineers. With a number of skilled tradespeople soon retiring, the economy will be harmed by a lack of trained workers to replace retirees.

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"Now racism is the province of a few kooks, while the overwhelming majority of Americans of all colours agree on the sacredness of equality and vote twice for a black president to underscore it," she writes.

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Children deemed to be overweight or obese will receive 'Your Child's Weight- a Guide to Preventing Childhood Obesity', while normal weight or underweight children will receive a guide on healthy eating and exercise.

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"It is unacceptable that parts of England are choosing to ignore Nice recommendations for treating infertility. This perpetuates a postcode lottery and creates inequalities in healthcare across the country.

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Meyiwa captained South Africa in their last four matches in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, without conceding a goal, and played on Saturday when his club advanced to the semi-finals of the South African League Cup.

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Healthcare workers and travelers exposed to people with Ebola and who live in New York can stay in their homes for the 21-day quarantine, checked upon twice daily by healthcare professionals, Cuomo said, adding that the state would provide financial assistance if needed.

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It was Kenzo who recently reintroduced the craze by producing items emblazoned with their name, like their now-iconic namesake tiger sweater. Other labels have since joined in with the trend, meaning there's a lot of choice out there when it comes to selecting exactly which designer's name you want to rep on your t-shirt.

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Passions are strong on both sides. Activists squabbled and taunted each other this month at the Maui Fair, normally a sleepy event featuring carnival rides and livestock exhibitions. Fair organizers told The Maui News activists tagged fair banners and signs with bumper stickers.

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The Duchess of Cambridge definitely doesn't do things by halves She made her first official appearance for a while yesterday morning wearing a regal Alexander McQueen coat, Jane Taylor hat, Jenny Packham clutch bag and Prada heels. Before she had a quick change ready for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards at the Natural History Museum.

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"Obviously, we have deep condolences to his family," Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak told MLB.com. "We are still waiting for more details before issuing a full statement."

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Most of the core research on every vaccine and drug is done using public and grant monies. Typically we give that technology to pharma corporations so they can take it the last yard through clinical trials and get the patent. There is no reason we couldn’t move to a model where the NIH is provided additional funding to take those most-promising candidates the last yard on their own and let the taxpayers own the patent and license it for free to any wholly-owned and operated US company to manufacture. The NIH would be driven by a goal of focusing on those diseases which introduce the greatest risk and cause the most harm.

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He said he was studying how China had turned to its advantage the sanctions imposed after the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, so that it exploded onto the world with double-digit growth less than two decades later. And how Russia had made its comeback after defaulting on its debts in 1998.

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* A 5-year-old boy who arrived in the United States on Saturday from Guinea is being observed in isolation at Bellevue Hospital in New York City for possible Ebola symptoms, according to media reports on Monday.

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“He’s more of a veteran guy that’s been in different organizations and played a couple of games, but he’s good in the face-off circle, and a smart player,” Alain Vigneault said. “Not overly quick, but knows what to do with the puck, righthanded shot and that helps our group because we don’t have a lot of those... Right now he’s in our top 12 forwards.”

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"I will repent until the day I die and ask for the victims' families' forgiveness," he said. "I swear with my hand over my heart, I did not intend to kill anyone. I never even thought of such a thing."

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As a result, all three credit ratings agencies warned thatthey could downgrade Tesco further, raising the spectre of apotential fall below investment grade, which would force manyinvestors to sell.

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Michael Sorrentino faces two counts of filing false tax returns, and one count each of conspiracy and failing to file a tax return. Marc Sorrentino faces three counts of filing false tax returns and one count of conspiracy.

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"This is worse than anything that I ever saw in any of those Los Angeles sweatshops," Michael Eastwood, assistant district director of Department of Labour, told the Associated Press news agency.

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Should he run, donors say Bush could get up to speed quickly by tapping a ready network of financial supporters built from his own alliances and from those who supported previous Bush presidential bids.

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“What started the crisis were these loans that were designed to fail, loans that weren’t underwritten at all,” said Julia Gordon, director of housing finance and policy at the Washington-based Center for American Progress, which has ties to the Democratic Party. “No one quite realized that these loans were then at the bottom of this giant pyramid scheme, where the Wall Street derivative products that were based off of them would just come crashing down and take the whole economy with them.”

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Lafarge Tarmac has made an “initial representation” to Staffordshire County Council for Hopwas to be included as a preferred site for future mineral extraction. The council is currently asking for landowners to submit proposals for its 2015 to 2030 Minerals Local Plan, which aims to identity land to meet the needs of the construction industry in the coming years.

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At the moment there are essentially two categories of “wearable technology” to track exercise: expensive smartwatches with large screens, which also offer advanced features like email, and simple, cheap pedometers which do nothing but track how much you move each day.

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"Feel the force" has become a rather tired cliche. But behind it is a New Age mysticism similar to many of the "holistic" ideas that emerged in the 1960s and 70s. "The Force is what gives a Jedi his power," says Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by Alec Guinness, who initiates young men into Jedi tradition. "It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together."

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The piece written by Henry Abbott titled "Kobe" called Bryant "arguably the greatest player in the history of the Lakers' franchise" but also argued he was "destroying it from within."

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But this show’s problems stretch beyond that. The pilot, for instance, revolves largely around Constantine’s relationship with Liv, who wasn’t in the comic book, but was invented as a sort of bridge between Constantine’s world and the spirits he combats.

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A great city does not only serve the rich, transforming others into their servants or recipients of noblesse oblige. New York need to be, as Rene Descartes described Gotham’s founding city, 17th century Amsterdam, “an inventory of the possible.”

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Afterhe dropped on bended knee and proposed, and Mulae said yes, he led her to atable set with champagne andchocolate-covered strawberries. Friederich also arranged for the two to skateon a secluded pond that's filled with swans during the summer.

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Most wanted - which looks forward to game releases in the coming year - was won by The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, which was also exclusively revealed during the ceremony, and gaming personality of the year was won by PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg.

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State health officials are working to identify anyone whohas returned to Florida after traveling to an Ebola region andare investigating their risk of getting the disease, he said. (Reporting by Kevin Murphy in Kansas City; Editing by EricWalsh)

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Two weeks ago, Jackson spoke at event sponsored by The New Yorker where he revealed that Dolan — reluctantly, he stressed — has been involved in the day-to-day operations of the basketball team in previous seasons. For years, Dolan’s underlings went to great lengths to dismiss this notion, even calling on their select friends in the media to discredit any report linking Dolan to dysfunction at the Garden. In one fell swoop, Jackson blew the lid off that lie.

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The result means another four years in power for the Workers' Party, which since 2003 has virtually transformed Brazil - lifting 40 million from poverty, reducing unemployment to record lows and making big inroads against hunger in what remains one of the world's most unequal countries.

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FRP Advisory, a London-based firm, has taken on the role of administrator and says Russian billionaire shareholder Andrei Cheglakov has been unable to provide the required funding to secure the team’s future.

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Rents in the most expensive areas are six times the level of the cheapest areas, wages 20% higher and despite that Tesco offers the same product at the same price despite the material difference in costs.

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A stroll round Ely suggests that its leaders may lean towards the second category. Its historic core – built on sandstone that stood above the marshy terrain, later drained in the 18th century to become agricultural land – contains 204 listed buildings. But such protection orders do nothing to spare them being hidden under an ever-widening skirt of hastily erected industrial estates, out-of-town supermarket parks and large-scale housing developments by investors with apparently little concern about blending in with the vernacular style that makes the city so attractive to tourists.

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The transferr marks the close of the NATO and allied war mission in Regional Command Southwest, overseeing Helmand and Nimroz provinces. It also represent the start of a more rapid withdrawal for the Marines remaining in Afghanistan. According to the Washington Post, Marines and British troops remaining in Helmand are tasked with maintaining security for Leatherneck and Bastion until they return to their home stations.

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Taking an average size of around 70 square metres for theflats sold, Goldman and Blackstone and their Spanish partnerspaid around 970 euros per sq m for the properties. Flats inVallecas sell for around 2,000 euros per sq m, real estate agentwebsites show - about 200,000 euros for a 100-sq-km home. "Theprice per unit was very cheap," said Fernando Encinar ofMadrid-based real estate agent Idealista. "In any market, if youbuy in volume you get a good price."

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Saudi authorities said at the end of haj that they had not detected any new cases of MERS among pilgrims, but of the new cases confirmed in October, seven were in the pilgrimage centers of Mecca and Medina and five in nearby Taif, which many pilgrims also visit.

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“That third quarter, we can’t have quarters like that and expect to win,” Anthony said, adding that Fisher spoke with the team after the game and offered “a very positive” message about the upcoming season.

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As police say they are still investigating the circumstances of Friday's shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, footage has emerged of gunman Jaylen Fryberg being crowned Homecoming Prince earlier this month

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“He’s a footballer that excites those in the crowd because we know when he’s on the ball he’s likely to produce a moment of sheer brilliance,’’ David Johnstone, editor of cfcuk fanzine, says. “There’ve been comparisons between him and Lionel Messi but Eden would probably be the first to admit that he’s not quite there – yet. For us, his flashes of pure genius go a long way to showing he’s not too far away from being the best player in the world. Joe Cole played alongside Hazard at Lille and when Eden joined Chelsea, Joe told me he was a superb buy, a fantastic player and that he would be brilliant for the club.”

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The ECB's passmark is for banks to have high-quality capital of at least 8 percent of their risk-weighted assets in the most likely economic scenario for the next three years, and capital of at least 5.5 percent in an adverse scenario.

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The Abbasid caliphate lasted for half a millennium before coming to a brutal end in 1258. When Baghdad fell to the Mongols, the last of the city's caliphs was rolled in a carpet and trampled to death under the hooves of Mongol horses - this was, bizarrely, a mark of respect, as the Mongols believed that people of rank should be killed without their blood being shed.

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Investigators found a video Bibeau had recorded of himself before the shooting, offering “persuasive evidence” that the attack was driven by ideological and political motives, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commissioner Bob Paulson said in a press release Sunday. They are not releasing the video at this time.

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“The restaurant is born from 20 years of inspiration and creativity that I’ve wanted to put into my own restaurant,” he says. “It’s just been finding the right time to do it.”

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Under a policy introduced on Friday, anyone arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport or Newark Liberty International Airport after having contact with Ebola patients in Liberia, Sierra Leone or Guinea must submit to a mandatory quarantine for 21 days. Three weeks is the longest documented period for an Ebola infection to emerge.

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Law enforcement officials said Wednesday's shooting of a soldier in the Canadian capital appeared to be the act of a single individual, the type of "lone wolf" attack U.S. authorities say it is difficult to defend against.

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Though a hawk in dealings with Russia, Yatseniuk is liked in the West for his commitment to deep reforms and astute stewardship of the economy which has been wrecked by the separatist conflict in the eastern regions.

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The Indian government, which is preparing to float a $3billion stake in ONGC, wants state firms to secure energy assetsabroad to reduce the exposure of Asia's third-largest economy tosupply risks.

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After Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk warned of possible “terrorist” attacks, more than 60,000 police have been drafted in to guard polling stations, candidates and party headquarters across the country.

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"The powers I have today are much bigger than the powers of my great predecessor Jacques Delors, someone I greatly admire," he said, citing notably the Commission's enhanced role in surveillance of national budgets.

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Barr forced a fumble on the first play from scrimmage in overtime, picked up the loose ball off a bounce and returned it 27 yards to give the Vikings a 19-13 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

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"Last year, the fans didn't really get to know exactly what was going on as far as revenue," said Oklahoma City star Kevin Durant, who can become a free agent in 2016. "But now that (the TV deal is done), it feels like we have a little bit of leverage, I guess, as players."

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Euro zone M3 money supply - a more general measure of cashin the economy - grew at an annual pace of 2.5 percent, up from2.1 percent in August. A Reuters poll had pointed to a readingof 2.2 percent.

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The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced the radical measure last week, in a bid to prevent the nightmare scenario of a victim unknowingly passing the disease on while walking the streets of a US city.

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Arrive at the subway station at rush hour and everybody is touching everyone as you make your way down the stairs. Now you smell perfume, hair products, sweat and often damp wool. The stairs themselves are covered with the grime of a century and gum that might first have been chewed by a flapper on her way to a night at Delmonico’s.

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Goldman went for the Madrid homes after a successful pair ofsimilar deals in Germany, a person familiar with the mattersaid. Goldman looked at the profiles of the tenants andconsidered whether the properties were "under-managed from ayield perspective" and whether new ownership could "improverents." The deal was particularly appealing because 85 percentof the flats were occupied and most tenants were paying rent, incontrast to other properties with high percentages of defaultedmortgages or laws that made it hard to raise rents.

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"I thought that was a great touch," said Dax Lanham, a 44-year-old Ottawa native who wore a white Canadian Olympic jersey to the game. "They're not all Canadians. They're Americans, they're Europeans. It's not just Canada and the U.S. uniting, it's the whole world uniting around one big circle."

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While Mr Rouhani has moderated Iran’s foreign policy, critics say that he has done nothing to ease the regime’s domestic oppression. In particular, he appointed a notorious figure, Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi, as justice minister. Mr Pour-Mohammadi was dubbed the “minister of murder” by Human Rights Watch for his role in overseeing the mass killing of thousands of prisoners in 1988.

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That has now broken down and, most probably, irrevocably. That does not mean that Syria and Iraq will disappear. At the least they are likely to stumble on for some years, but the substance and strength of the two states has drained away. Each is now little more than a collection of fortified and autonomous enclaves fed by outside patrons that include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States.

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At the U.S. Camp Leatherneck and Britain's Camp Bastion, which lie next to each other in the southwestern province of Helmand, troops lowered the American and British flags for the final time on Sunday and folded them away.

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"I felt either one of those jobs would be fine," Hollins says. "The Lakers still had Kobe and they could change the team at a moment's notice because they only had three players under contract. So I thought that wasn't a bad situation and I thought this was a good situation so when it came about, it was one that I was happy and I wasn't going to wait on the Lakers when I had a job in hand."

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On top of this, Boston has seen an increase in rain and snow over the past few decades and has to contend with the fact that the whole of the US East Coast is sinking as the West Coast around the San Andreas Fault rises.

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A total of five million applications were made during the sale of tickets last month with a total of 950,000 sold, with England 2015 revealing that ticket demand had exceeded supply for 23 of the tournament’s 48 games in the lowest price category.

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A psychiatrist hired by Mexican prosecutors, Dr. Alberto Pinzon, noted in his Sept. 30 report that Tahmooressi feels like he is constantly in danger and is in a constant state of alertness. He recommended Tahmooressi get PTSD treatment in the U.S.

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Craig Spencer arrived back in New York about a week ago, reported a fever on Thursday and is now being treated at a New York hospital. Some countries have banned travelers from the three main Ebola countries — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — and the U.S. started health screening of travelers arriving from there.

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“Her temperature’s 98.6. They took her blood and it’s negative for Ebola. So I don’t think they meet the requirements to confine her. And she wants out,” he said. “You can’t have a policy based on fear. It’s got to be based on medical fact.”

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The disease is not airborne like flu. Very close direct contact with an infected person is required for the virus to be passed to another person. Infection may also occur through direct contact with contaminated bedding, clothing and surfaces.

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Dragon is the only space station resupply spacecraft able to return a significant amount of cargo to Earth. The spacecraft lifted off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on September21 carrying almost five thousandpounds of supplies and elements to support 255 scientific investigations the crew members of Expeditions 41 and 42 will conduct. The mission was the fourth of 12 cargo resupply trips SpaceX will make to the space station through 2016 under NASA's Commercial Resupply Services contract.

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That's because Colorado Republicans are still haunted by recent electoral history. They remember polls showing they'd win a Senate seat in 2010, only to have the Democratic incumbent eke out a narrow win.

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A bridgehead in Brazil, where local firms may build as muchas 80 percent of the Gripen E model and take on the bulk ofdevelopment on the two-seat Gripen F, could open up sales tomarkets where defense budgets are under less pressure. A carrierversion of the plane may be an option for Brazil, withArgentina, Ecuador and Mexico among possible export targets.

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Mr Smyth went on: "The new HS2 stations will be magnets for development. Moving Crewe's station south is likely to mean neighbouring villages are gobbled up, while the potential to revitalise land in Crewe's centre is lost.

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The failure to explain must ultimately lie with the politicians in charge. But there were failings by the military too. In the early days there was a switch in tactics every six months as a new brigade commander arrived with a fresh batch of soldiers, often eager to prove themselves in battle.

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“The play was good, but Madonna was terrible,” Jackie said, laughing between puffs on a cigarette (by this time she had switched to Marlboros). “I think you should go. I think you should go next week — and have John take you. And go backstage”

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Since The Telegraph’s article, a new flyer for the event has been created without the word “Ebola”, which had originally appeared in a font style normally used on posters for horror films.

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NEW YORK (AP) — The governors of New York and New Jersey are at odds with scientists over Ebola as they back 21-day quarantines for medical workers returning from West Africa, while the nation's top infectious-disease expert warns that such restrictions are unnecessary and could discourage volunteers from aiding disease-ravaged countries.

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The militants have portrayed the attacks as retaliation for a sweeping crackdown by security forces in which hundreds of Morsi supporters have been killed in street clashes and some 20,000 people have been arrested.

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Bradlee was able to turn it into a crusade in part because he was a dazzling figure - a handsome, high-living lion of a man, who exuded an air of supreme confidence but also, as one of his colleagues put it, had something of the Mississippi riverboat gambler about him. One of JFK's close friends from the early 60s, he combined glamour with the rough spirit of a streetwise reporter, who'd tell stories from the US Navy, Paris after the liberation or the White House with the same raconteur's relish.

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The decree stipulated that army troops will join police in guarding state facilities for two years during which they will be treated as military installations. Perpetrators of any attacks against the facilities will be tried before military tribunals.

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Tesco revealed last month that it had found a 250 millionpound ($402 million) hole in its first-half profit, sendingshockwaves through the industry. It has since increased that to263 million pounds and scrapped its full-year profit guidance.

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We surrounded the area so that the police or other authorities couldn't come close. We didn't want anyone disturbing the evidence. We prevented people from passing through the area and we were there for about three hours.

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Alexander Beltran Herrera's sentencing by a federal judge comes 2 1/2 years after his extradition to the United States. Last March, the 38-year-old Herrera pleaded guilty to three counts of hostage-taking and aiding and abetting.

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When Blackstone and Magic Real Estate bought the flats,Jaime Gamarra, an unemployed 62-year-old receiving benefits ofless than 400 euros a month, had not been paying full rent foraround a year. After he lost both his jobs, a woman at thecouncil had told him to pay what he could afford.

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In a ceremony at the main British base at Camp Bastion, the union flag was lowered and the camp was handed over to the Afghans who will be left behind to look after their own security in what has been one of the hardest provinces to tame.

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Rapid income growth has catapulted North Dakota up theprosperity league. In 2003, state GDP per capita was ranked just33rd in the nation, at just $41,000. By 2013, per capita GDP hadsoared to almost $69,000, putting it second only to Alaska.

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In a separate interview with Reuters on Sunday, the chief of staff to the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, said the peshmerga were ready to depart as soon as a timetable had been finalised with Ankara and Kurds in Syria.

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Brian Greenwood, a professor of clinical tropical medicine at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said the only sensible response to the worldwide alarm caused by such an epidemic is to be far more ready for the next one.

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Many Germans believe that what brought down communism in East Germany was the pervasiveness of West German television on the other side of the wall - East Germans could see the living standards of the West every night on a screen in their living rooms.

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Meyiwa captained South Africa in their last four matches in the African Nations Cup qualifiers without conceding a goal and played on Saturday when Pirates - nicknamed the Bucanneers - advanced to the semi-finals of the South African League Cup.

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The HSE noted that reactions to the flu vaccine are generally mild and serious side-effects are ‘very rare'. It provides the vaccine free of charge to all those in at-risk groups. However people without a medical card or GP visit card, will be charged a consultation fee.

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Each pulse lasted around a dozen femtoseconds (millionths of a billionth of a second), and was so powerful that it ionised the atoms around it, which in turn created a fibre of plasma. The team was able to prevent this from dispersing immediately by carefully calibrating the laser machine to balance the interactions between the pulse's electromagnetic field and the plasma. This meant the pulse held its shape, travelling a greater distance than low-power pulses.