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That would be Ultron (voiced and motion-captured by James Spader), first seen in the trailer as a semi-blown-apart robot composed of extra Iron Man armor, taunting the Avengers after we see images another apocalyptic attack. "You're all puppets, tangled in strings," intones Ultron, and indeed the forces of good seem battered and bruised: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) laments how "This is the end of the path I started us on"; Dr. Bruce Banner/the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) is curled up and fearful, even amongst his friends, and later falls down in the snow; Captain America (Chris Evans) is alone in a fortress, and later we glimpse his mighty shield broken in half; Thor (Chris Hemsworth) drops his hammer and lets out a wail of pain in a watery cave.

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Idzik has put together one of the worst rosters in the NFL. He’s brought in players from others teams who are just about done (Vick, Chris Johnson), others who were a product of playing with Peyton Manning (Eric Decker), players who produce every other game (Chris Ivory), players with questionable character (Mike Goodson, Dimitri Patterson) and draft choices who just can’t play.

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And following its trading update repeated its 230p a share valuation. “Another operationally strong quarter for Petra which has softened following seasonal weakness in the diamond market,” it added.

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“Five times, he declined. This is a shame on so many levels, especially given he knew Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband had agreed without hesitation, alongside many other influential men who were more than happy to call themselves feminists. It seems the Prime Minister still has an issue with the word ‘feminist’.”

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It says they must meet the same safety standards as piloted aircraft and tough security measures at ground level be in place to ensure they cannot be seized or their computer systems hacked. A full public consultation should also be carried out before government rules on larger commercial drones are introduced.

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Sarvis said “taxes should be simple and few. Taxes should have broad bases and low rates. Taxes should not be stacked, or duplicative, and we should prefer efficient taxes to less efficient ones. Taxes should also be designed to ensure that increases in government spending are felt by all.”

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Several Ticket exchange websites are advertising thousands of tickets for the tournament. One such website, Viagogo, recorded a surge in interest of 72 per cent for World Cup tickets on Sunday.


"Both are demonised and very far from the image portrayed in the media," he told Le Parisien newspaper. "Like Islam, the FN defends the weakest. The party denounces exorbitant interest rates charged on the debt of our country, and Islam is against the practice of usury."

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We love how Jourdan is rocking hers in an off-duty model kinda' way, and we're digging her style so much that we need a bit of high fashion cosiness to see us through the winter too. So nab it now to the right for 188 at Matches, or simply take a look at some of the options below from that of Farfetch and Asos.

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It begins with a display of corsets and a quote from Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna, the Victorian writer who in 1841 pronounced: “There can be no doubt that the hand which first encloses the waist of a girl in these cruel contrivances, supplying her with a fictitious support, where the hand of God has placed bones and muscles that ought to be brought into vigorous action, lays the foundation of bitter suffering.”

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A flatlining in wages earlier in life matters much to your retirement plans, especially when you consider that pension statements that project your retirement income assume that your wages will keep rising.

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Hip replacement surgery itself, can take as little as 30 to 40 minutes to insert the implant. “Making incisions that are as small and less invasive as possible, we remove the bad ball, expose the socket, and use a tool like a cheese grater to remove the bad cartilage and bone,” says Harwin. “Then we place a titanium cup that becomes the new socket, and put an implant into the upper end of the thigh bone; there are a variety of materials that can be used as bearing surfaces in these implants, including high tech plastic, metals, and ceramics.” Most surgeons no longer do metal-on-metal replacements after studies found that far too many of them failed.

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After Cream, Bruce played with top jazz musicians including guitarist John McLaughlin and drummer Tony Williams and with rock stars such as Lou Reed and Frank Zappa. Cream reformed briefly for concerts in 1993 and 2005. The most recent of many solo albums by Bruce was released in March.

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Only two years after it was broken, the world record for the highest skydive has been rewritten. Google executive Alan Eustace set a new mark Friday when he fell from an altitude of more than 135,000 feet, plummeting in a free-fall for about 5 minutes before deploying his parachute. The jump broke the record of 127,852 feet that Felix Baumgartner set in 2012.

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"We are very excited about Ethiopia," Wyndham Hotel Group's regional vice-president for the Middle East and Africa, Bani Haddad, said. His firm will manage the Ramada Addis hotel with 136 rooms that will be completed next year in the capital.