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The FTSE 100 Index lost 0.5 percent to 6,388.73 at theclose in London, extending losses after a draft document showed25 lenders are set to fail the European Central Bank’s euro-areabank health check. The broader FTSE All-Share Index fell 0.4percent today. Ireland’s ISEQ Index declined 0.6 percent.

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The resulting inventions, collected in book form by the National Archives’ designs specialist Julie Halls, run the gamut of Victorian personal and social obsessions. The fashion section resembles a steampunk version of those gadget freesheets that used to flutter from the pages of newspapers in the 1980s and 1990s, full of collapsible hats, shoes with revolving heels (the resonantly-named “Amphitrepolax Boot”) and a fearsome thing called the “Anti-Garotting Cravat”, designed amid a national panic over robberies involving strangulation. The new wave of middle-class homeowners is targeted by a bewildering array of labour-saving devices that range from the splendid — a hand-operated chainsaw that looks years ahead of its time — to the insanely dangerous, such as the “bed-warmer” that consists of a spirit lamp veiled with a precarious-looking metal chimney, or the oilcan that tries to incorporate a burning oil-lamp into its design.

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It noted that over 40% of children in Chad, Yemen and Egypt who are aged between just two and 14, are subjected to severe physical punishment, such as being hit on the head or face, or being hit hard and repeatedly.

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Scott signed an executive order mandating twice-daily health evaluations of anyone who has come from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Four known individuals fall into that category in Florida, Scott said in a news release.

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The group is hoping to cash in on the rising desire to pamper pets with a special range of Christmas accessories including santa hats for guinea pigs, fluffy robin cat toys and woolly sweaters for dogs.

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But Ryan is not blameless. The Jets had 10 penalties for 90 yards against Buffalo. They are undisciplined and that’s on Ryan. Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg can’t get Smith to stop throwing interceptions. He was with Vick four years in Philly and now one year with the Jets and he can’t teach him how to protect the ball and stop fumbling.

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"The people can be their own masters and life in the country can become law-based only when we have the leadership of the party [in charge] of fully implementing rule-based governance," it argues.

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According to the university, 24 students - 16 females and eight males - have opted for this type of accommodation, compared to six last year. Reasons for signing up for this included a desire to concentrate on studying and not wanting to live in an environment where alcohol was present.

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Of course, there’s also the flexibility challenge. In a recent survey of Back to the City members, every respondent highlighted ‘finding flexible working hours’ as a significant obstacle in planning their return to the workplace.

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Royals starter Jeremy Guthrie collected the win at AT&T Park after pitching five scoreless innings before pinch hitter Michael Morse's RBI double got the hosts on the scoreboard and catcher Buster Posey drove in a second run.

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While the passing defense does have some work to do, the run stop has been phenomenal. Every play the defensive line and linebackers are swarming the ball, not giving much of a chance to gain positive yards.

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"I thought our defense at that point was playing really, really well and I had real confidence in them," he said. "I told them that we were kicking the field goal because I had confidence in our defense at that point."

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Republicans have always been able to count on older Cuban voters like Peralta, 73, who fled the Fidel Castro-led revolution in 1960. But analysts question whether they have done enough to woo non-Cuban Hispanics, including a large influx of Democrat-leaning Puerto Ricans, as well as half a million lower-income Cuban immigrants over the past decade.


Tenants who’ve faced Pimienta are breathing a sigh of relief after years of alleged abuse. As far back as 2005, Pimienta was red-flagged by state regulators after harassing a tenant in the East Village by accusing him of running a brothel.

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“I’m excited to get the opportunity to work with a team that I think is on the rise,” said Long, 47. “I had a great meeting with Sandy and Terry (Collins) yesterday and I can’t wait to get started and help in any way I can."

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One of my friends that lives in the provinces, near Port Loko died but I did not confirm it whether that is true or not. But up to now I had not spoken to him but I realised it is true because we talk on the phone but now his phone is switched off.

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Kass, who runs Seabreeze Partners Management in Palm Beach, Florida, was named Buffett's "credentialed bear" for the 2013 Berkshire Hathaway shareholders' meeting. To spice up proceedings at the gathering, which is attended by thousands of Berkshire shareholders, Buffett got Kass to present the bear case against the conglomerate, which owns dozens of businesses selling everything from ice cream to insurance.

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The story will have rung bells up and down the land. Not that buying 700-acre estates is commonplace, but the fact that Johnston snuck out and did it (or all but) without consulting his wife will raise a weary sigh of recognition from many women whose other halves are spontaneous or secret spenders.

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Testing for the pilot program actually started in August, with Amazon’s same-day/early morning grocery service called AmazonFresh. During their initial operational test, the Postal Service has already reached the processing of 160 grocery orders per day across nearly 40 zip codes.