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Peter Hahn gives us the correct pronunciation of Monte dei Paschi - a hard 'c', it would seem. The Italian bank has been told it needs to raise 2.1bn after the European stress tests - by far the worst performer. It's also the oldest bank in the world. Founded in the 15th century, apparently.

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Seriously though, we wonder if Sunday’s assortment of NFL analysts will discuss and dissect this rift in the Seattle locker room, which, according to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman, includes players who don’t think Russell Wilson is black enough.

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After denying she knew him all that well, it has emerged Woolf also had a meeting with him she'd forgotten about. You can understand this, because none of us remember every meeting we've had with a former Home Secretary. And in case she'd forgotten about the time she was out and about with Lady Brittan, luckily for Woolf, a photograph has emerged showing them together. But then you're bound to forget the odd occasion, such as when Douglas Hurd popped round to watch the darts. Or when you fed Jack Straw's fish while he was away at a party conference.

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The boys were also often together with the victims, attending the ceremonial First Salmon festival in June and, on the Saturday before the shooting, Fryberg and all the victims went to a high school dance together.

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The comet, known as Siding Spring, made its closest encounter with the red planet at 3:27 a.m. Japan time, racing past it at a breakneck 203,000 kph. At its closest, Siding Spring was 140,000 km from Mars — a near miss by astronomers’ standards.

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It made clear it was keen for a solution, including amerger, to the lingering weakness at Monte dei Paschi, which hasbeen struggling to emerge from the debacle of its costly acquisition of rival lender Antonveneta in 2007, just monthsbefore the global financial crisis erupted.

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Mrs Stewart, who had been a midwife at the hospital for 20 years, was suspended by the NMC for 18 months in 2010 and the panel was told there would be “a real risk of significant harm” unless the order was made.

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Last month frustrations boiled over when members of Right Sector, a nationalist group, began to publicly humiliate supposedly corrupt officials by throwing them in wheelie bins. In a country awash with guns, the dangers of another revolution are obvious.

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A Royal Ballet-trained dancer, McGee had a solo part with the Iranian National Ballet in Tehran and was forced to flee when the 1979 Islamic Revolution broke out. She auditioned as a dancer on Daniels’s show and love blossomed after his 18 years of divorcedom, during which time he allegedly slept with 300 women (proof, if proof were needed, that the Seventies was a bizarre, sex-mad era), detailed in his 2000 autobiography Under No Illusion.

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There are other obstacles. Tests for human intelligence are controversial and the infuriating inability of dogs to fill in forms or otherwise explain their actions is another complication. Furthermore, canine actions that appear to display intelligence are often the result of the application of senses which are infinitely more developed in dogs than they are in humans – in particular, smell.

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"I have been paying income tax on the nose for the last 50 years, and now I find out that I could have to pay tax again on the house. It's already taxed money. I think it's a tax on being prudent," he says.


The reward for such intrusion, according to Kishanda, was “not enough”. But 10 years on, the family has decided to invite the cameras back to the estate to film a second series, named Life is Toff. The 62-year-old Francis still blusters about, burgundy-cheeked, his hair now an all-over grubby grey. The children – aged 18 to 21 – scrap as they ever did, but this time while drunk after supper.

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Members of the Home Affairs Select Committee are considering recalling Ms Woolf after new evidence emerged about her links to Lord (Leon) Brittan, the former Home Secretary previously criticised for failing to act over the scandal.

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“We kept together and I think we deserved it. I have seen that we could have beaten Chelsea. I’m saying that nearly every game, but this is against Chelsea, who are a top team, and we were at least equal. I’ve said to the players we could have won, but nevertheless we didn’t and that’s our fault. When you can do that against the best team in this league at this moment it is a good sign.”

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Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office conducted a search in Albermarle County where searchers discovered human remains. At the time of discovery, no identification could be confirmed. They were sent to the Chief Medical Examiner’s office for review.

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This makes a lot of sense. A 18 meter long Megalodon could easily eat a bigger whale, even one much larger than it. The size of the whale would have actually made it a more desirable prey, so whales had no reason to grow more and more.

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Oscar Fernandez, Disaster Management Co-ordinator of the Honduras Red Cross, said they would be working "to facilitate access to food and water and hygiene, as well as improve nutrition and recover the basic production capacities of those affected by the drought".

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The maker of chips for smartphones, battery chargers andAC/DC adapters has a 51 percent stake in a new joint venturewith Panasonic Corp in Japan, under which Panasonictransferred three factories for the production of semiconductorsfor cars and other products.

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Newly bought, scrubbed-out barrels will need drainage holes: drill these low down in the sides of the barrel (rather than the base) and before filling with compost, put a layer of gravel in the base, covered with porous landscape fabric. Once it’s planted up, add a layer of small cobbles to the compost surface to help moisture retention.

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"Deterioration of oils during frying is more profound when the oils are reused, a practice more common away from home than at home. This may partly explain why we observed a stronger association of gestational diabetes risk with fried foods consumed away from home than fried foods consumed at home," they noted.

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We’ll see. You still wonder if Harvin can be a deep threat. Speed doesn’t necessarily translate into getting open (a la Sammy Watkins for instance) and Harvin didn’t create a lot of separation Sunday. You still wonder why, with better surrounding weapons and a better QB in Russell Wilson, he never developed into that premier receiver.

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Although the primary purpose of an alumni association is to keep graduates connected to campus, one of the most popular benefits of membership is professional development. Whether it is attending a networking event or applying for an available position, the costs of joining your alumni association are easily covered by the employment and networking related gains.

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Rudaw quoted a senior peshmerga officer as saying that the Iraqi Kurdish forces would deploy with heavy weapons, but that undertakings had been given to both Ankara and Washington that they would not be handed over to Syrian Kurdish forces.

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An unidentified South Korean defence ministry official cited by the Yonhap news agency said both sides expected the transfer would come in the mid-2020s when South Korea had obtained "key assets" and was "equipped with core military capabilities to lead the combined defence posture".

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Because of the difficulties of getting tagging equipment that is small enough and will stay on fast-growing infant turtles, the creatures' early lives are often referred to by scientists as the "lost years".

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Two hours later, he added a second post with a video of his children completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on his behalf. "It wouldn't have been very safe for me to have done the ice bucket challenge, but that is why I have three beautiful children who could take the plunge for me," he wrote.

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Baltimore had the ball for 18 plays on its first drive, but Flacco’s incompletion on fourth down from the 1-yard line made the Ravens come up empty. It was the longest drive without points in franchise history.

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Canalys is forecasting that basic wearables, such as fitness trackers, will reach shipments of 15 million units next year. The market for more advanced wearables, such as multi-functional smartwatches that can run apps, will grow even more to 28.2 million shipments in 2015.