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Forced conversation about the weather (it’s warm for this time of year, isn’t it?). Your co-worker’s debriefing of her weekend activities (visiting with the in-laws, which was a disaster). Phones that won’t stop bleating. Printers that won’t stop wheezing. Trying to concentrate with a relentless swarm of noises in your ears is like trying to eat an ice cream with a swarm of bees in your face — it gets tricky.

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"Obviously what he's done has been great, so, and I think it'd be unfair to him to judge him now," said Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. "When you're judging greatness, it's having the ability to do it over a long period of time. Until he's done, we won't know ultimately, but he's right up there with the all-time best."

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The Swiss draft says nuclear plants "shall be designed and constructed with the objectives of preventing accidents ... In order to identify and implement appropriate safety improvements, these objectives shall also be applied at existing plants."

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Notice the Lexus without license plates? Notice the widespread automatic weapon open carry with no permit needed? Notice the serviceable but not fancy pavement with no expense to the taxpayer? This photo says it all…….Republican Heaven


Sunderland’s supporters had little to get excited about. Their team did not manage a shot on target in the first-half and the biggest cheer came when Adam Johnson beat two Arsenal players with a neat trick. He was closer to the halfway line than Arsenal’s goal, which summed up Sunderland’s lack of offensive threat.

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A Dallas-area nurse who contracted Ebola while treating another victim was released from a Maryland hospital Friday, having defeated the deadly virus still surging through West Africa andnowpopping up in the U.S.

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Uncovered by security researchers at Trustwave, the malware was flagged when it appeared that criminals had crafted bogus WHO emails encouraging people to open a .RAR attachment to find out how they can protect themselves against Ebola.

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They emphasised that these drugs are ‘indisputably valuable' when it comes to the treatment of anxiety and insomnia, but they warned that use of them ‘should be of short duration and not exceed three months'.

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The patient registration staff and triage nurses were trained to ask people with certain symptoms about international travel. Actors posed as patients to be sure that anyone who answered "yes" was immediately put into one of the ER's nine isolation rooms. Along the way came some false alarms, sick patients who turned out not to have Ebola.

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But on Thursday, Apple, which had backed the developmentwith GT of a sapphire-manufacturing plant in Arizona, said itwill keep an eye on GT's advances, holding open the possibilityof doing business with it in future.

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Time and again, Hazard troubled City, standing over the ball, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, then suddenly speeding between the off-balance Zabaleta and Jess Navas, or riding the buffeting challenges of Zabaleta, James Milner and Vincent Kompany in one break.

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At a forum for artists and writers earlier this month, he lavished praise on a young blogger called Zhou Xiaoping for his "positive energy". Mr Zhou was once an admirer of all things American but then "awakened from this nightmare" after reading about a man stabbed to death on an American street.

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“The patient looks better ... but he remains in serious but stable condition with the expected symptoms of the virus,” Dr. Ram Raju, president of the Health and Hospitals Corporation, said Sunday.

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Filmmaker Eric Murphy says he is has a crowd-funding campaign to raise $17,500 to finish production and add a new ending to "Traficant: Congressman of Crimetown." Former U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. died last month at age 73 following a tractor accident on his family's farm near Youngstown.

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The exercise provides the clearest picture yet of the health of the euro zone's banks more than seven years after the eruption of a financial crisis that almost bankrupted a handful of countries and threatened to fracture the currency bloc.

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The policy statement, however, could highlight the Fed's willingness to re-start the program if needed. John Williams, head of the San Francisco Fed, told Reuters this month he would be open to another round of buying if the economic outlook changed "significantly," with inflation too low.

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Picasso also lived at nearby Vallauris, the seaside village where he learnt the art of decorative ceramics. In 1952, he painted his famous mural on war and peace to decorate the chapel. It remains open to the public.

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“We tried to be accepting and respectful of the way the system works. ... Until it got to the point where the Mike Brown thing happened,” Nate Hamilton said. “Now, you know who this police officer is, you’re seeing them get information, and in Milwaukee, we’re not getting no information.”

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Freeman's recent surge came almost without warning. He averaged only nine carries through the Ducks' first three games while Thomas Tyner shouldered the brunt of the workload in the backfield, but has since picked up the pace.

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The team are still reeling from Jules Bianchi’s life-threatening accident at the Japanese Grand Prix earlier this month and would not wish to leave Formula One in such circumstances.

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"We just wanted to maintain access or improve it and to do that we had to understand the security mechanisms," said Mr Abene. "Not because we thought we would get caught and arrested and get put in jail, but because we didn't want to get noticed. That would have meant they would change the password and we'd lose access and then it would be no fun anymore."

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* Sarepta Therapeutics shares fell 31.7 percent inpremarket trading after it said the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration requested additional data regarding a marketingapplication for its experimental muscle disorder drug.

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I walk in Paris in the past. All I have left to do now productively, freshly, newly in Paris is” buy socks. There's an un-ribbed cotton kind here I like that you can't find in America. I think this is a significant fact - I even encourage my 15-year-old daughter, who likes to write, to someday begin her autobiography right there. She should begin her memoirs, I tell her, with the sentence, "My father went to Paris to buy his socks". Or, more poetically, "My father bought his socks in Paris" or, still more iambically, "In Paris, father bought his socks”" But she gives me a steady, opaque, slightly sickened look at the suggestion, and clearly already has memoir-opening sentence plans of her own, probably also involving her father.