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"As an emergency doctor, he has a pretty serious role in society and you never know what's going to walk in that door, but Craig has the personality and ability to deal with it and he knows what needs to be done.," Crossman said. "He's aware of the risks, but ultimately, he's all about putting people before himself. He recognizes that he has some really good skills and has a certain way with people."

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Those in quarantine could receive visitors and see family members during their isolation, Cuomo said. The state will make alternative arrangements for non-residents deemed to be at high risk but without symptoms.

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"Until now they have not gone," said Sinam Mohammed, the Syrian Kurdish administration's representative in Europe. "They were supposed to go yesterday. They (KRG) says we are ready to send them but I don't know what happened. I think the problem is Turkey."

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“If we could, we would’ve already done it,” Ryan said. “Obviously, takeaways a lot of times happen when you get a lead. That would be nice. But again, we just have to find ways. Some opportunities have been there, we just haven’t been able to capitalize, it seems. But, it would be nice to come away with a few turnovers.”

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"If you are chief executive of a traditional assetmanagement firm, you are asking yourself, 'What is my strategyfor ETFs?'" said Michael Spellacy, a partner at New York-basedBroadhaven Capital Partners.

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"Violence against children occurs every day, everywhere. And while it harms individual children the most, it also tears at the fabric of society - undermining stability and progress. But violence against children is not inevitable. It is preventable if we refuse to let violence remain in the shadows.

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Cox’s career burgeoned from there, no doubt enhanced by his considerable charm and evident seriousness of purpose, and now he can more or less choose where and when he works – though he has yet to design a garden in Britain. The 56-year-old is also vice-president and administrator of the Jardin Majorelle Foundation – the celebrated “blue garden” created for Yves Saint Laurent and the one must-see sight for garden lovers in Morocco.

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May 31, 2014; Dublin, OH, USA; Robert Streb tees off on the 17th hole during the third round of The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

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Laura Poitras' "Citizenfour" drew a $25,000 average opening in five theaters for the Weinstein Company's Radius unit. Expanding to 50 theaters in its second week, Fox Searchlight's "Birdman" took in an average of almost $29,000 per screen.

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So while interest-free financing can work in your favor ifyou’re able to make all payments on time and in full before the end of thepromotional period, it becomes a total gamble when you’re not positive you’ll havethe cash to pay it all off in time.

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So what if it wasn't quite a perfect 10 for the robust and reliable third baseman with the big grin and even bigger right arm. No doubt Sandoval has been doing everything right with his glove again this postseason.