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Both are in their 40s and so considered quite young for such a senior position, but succession by blood is common in Shia Islam, and it is not impossible that either of them could succeed Ayatollah Khamenei.

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"We know that beavers can bring many benefits, such as boosting fish stocks, improving biodiversity and helping to prevent flooding - as well as injecting a little more joy into our landscape."


But have the changes been radical enough? The 30% Club and the Davies Committee, both primarily focused on better gender balance, recently co-hosted a seminar to consider more generally how far boards have evolved.

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"We've spent $350 million to deal with sea level rise; we spent $100 million to deal with protecting our coral reef; we've increased the funding by 45 percent for beach re-nourishment" and spent $880 million on the Everglades, he said.

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Mr Fidyka has already spent more than two years at the spinal rehabilitation centre in Wroclaw. A further year or two of rehabilitation may be needed if he is to get the full benefit from his transplant.

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The total income generated by these funds over six years from 2007 to the end of 2013 also differs vastly. The best fund, Schroder Income Maximiser, has earned 4,800 on an initial investment of 10,000 at the start of 2007, but, at the bottom of the pile, Henderson UK Strategic Income has generated 2,523 of income.

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Using Bureau of Economic Analysis data, analyst Aaron Renn estimates that the city’s per capita GDP has grown a bare 2.3% since 2010, below the mediocre 3.8% national rate and behind such traditional hard-luck cases as Buffalo, Cleveland and Baltimore.

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The spending power of children’s pocket money has improved greatly since 1987, Halifax found. Citing an example, it said that a child’s weekly pocket money income in 2014 would enable them to buy 10 Cadbury Twirls at a cost of 64p each.

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The DJ turned hair guru turned fashion designer (seriously, is there nothing this girl can't do?) layered up in a quad of high street hits, teaming her Miss Selfridge faux fur jacket with H&M leggings, an Asos T-shirt and New Look boots. Not to mention the best blow dry in the biz. Kate Middleton, who?

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The flick attracted more moviegoers at the North America box office than the violent Keanu Reeves thriller “John Wick.” The R-rated hit man revenge tale from Lionsgate opened with $14.2 million in second place.

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"I don't think I have taken horror to rise up the ranks of Hollywood, but I know people do - when I think of girls trying to rise up the ranks with horror, I always think of the hot naked girl that gets slashed first."

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The reaction to Pistorius' five-year sentence - likely to mean just 10 months in jail - was swift and overwhelmingly critical, suggesting most people in a society plagued by violent crime do not share Masipa's views.

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There is plentiful research being done to improve the treatment options for joint damage. “What we’re looking at in the future are less invasive procedures, robotic guided surgery and innovations such as dual mobility hip replacements,” says Harwin. “Dual mobility implants allow for the use of larger, more anatomic implants that allow for more stability and a better range of motion.”