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Two victims interviewed by the New York Times, including one who said he was digitally penetrated from behind, said they were wearing football pants at the time and didn't consider what happened to be that serious.

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The attack happened at about 2 p.m. on Oct. 23 at Jamaica Avenue and 162nd Street in borough of Queens when four rookie officers were on foot patrol and approached by a photographer who asked them to pose for a picture, according to a police statement.

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“Sure we’re happy,” said a woman. “This time it’s a democratic election. We hope it will be better than the last time. it’s well organized and every thing is clear.”

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Parties expected to enter into parliament all broadly share a pro-Western line and are united in their calls to tackle rampant corruption and undertake root-and-branch economic reforms. Skepticism remains strong toward a political elite that many Ukrainians continue to see as self-serving.

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On Monday, Hollande inaugurated the Fondation Louis Vuitton,an impressive glass building housing a contemporary art museumdesigned by Frank Gehry and the brainchild of Bernard Arnault,the chief executive and founder of LVMH.

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The Google executive - who is also a veteran pilot and parachutist - had been planning this jump for several years, working in secret with a small group of people trained in parachute and balloon technology, says the BBC's David Willis in Los Angeles.

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"The biggest thing is just the experience of curbing the emotions," he said. "It's definitely a situation where you have to be locked into the game and your thoughts need to be on the game, but you have to take a quick second to look around and take it all in."

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Boko Haram militants reportedly abducted at least 30 boys and girls from a remote village in northeastern Nigeria over the weekend, throwing into question a government-declared cease-fire with the insurgents.

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The Aberdeen application has been submitted in partnership with Robert Gordon University and North East Scotland College, the Dundee bid with Abertay University and Dundee and Angus College, and the Ayr proposal with the University of the West of Scotland.

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In her essay, Hickox described being stopped at Newark Liberty International and questioned over several hours after touching down Friday. She said none of those who questioned her would explain what was going on or what would happen to her.

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But the institution he represented had by then existed for nearly 1300 years, and the impact of its abolition on Muslim intellectual life was profound. Salman Sayyid, who teaches at Leeds University and is the author of Recalling the Caliphate, compares it to Charles I's execution, which opened up so many profound questions about the roles of parliament and the crown. In the same way, he says, Muslim thinkers in the 1920s suddenly found they had to ask fundamental questions they had never confronted before: "Do Muslims need to live in an Islamic State? What should that state be like?"

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Had he not been injured during the final weeks of the transfer window, Fellaini is likely to have been loaned out or sold, but with the Belgian still in his squad, Van Gaal's pragmatism has ensured that he has found a role in the team.


The triangle offense is, as Jackson calls it, an organized system. But Van Gundy, Jackson’s longtime adversary, is right when he reminds everyone that players, not systems, win titles. San Antonio doesn’t run the triangle. Neither did the Miami Heat with James. Red Auerbach didn’t run the triangle when he was in charge of the Celtics.

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He was also effectively slapped down by Number 10 ahead of Prime Minister David Cameron facing questions from MPs on the government's fraught relations with Europe after Brussels' shock demand for an extra 1.7 billion from Britain.

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Of the homes Goldman bought, around 400 benefited fromofficial rent reductions, according to one government source.Such cuts were agreed individually for up to two years, and sometenants used to pay less than 20 percent of the going rate. Theinformal deals are hard to count.

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The quarterback tweaked his left hamstring in the third quarter, which - along with a defense that couldn't stop Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense - played a part in Green Bay's 44-23 loss to the Saints.

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But at a time when the IMF sees Sub-Saharan Africa's growth accelerating to 5.75 percent next year, there is disappointment at the perceived slow response and lack of leadership by the 54-member African Union. The continental body is often accused of letting the outside world solve African emergencies, be they coups or wars, natural disasters or health alarms like Ebola.

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Williams, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said it agreed to reducethe exchange ratio it would receive in the merger to offset theabout $1.02 of value provided to the Williams Partners' publicunit holders.

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“To me, egg freezing is the second wave of women’s emancipation – after the contraceptive pill,” says Dr Nargund. “It offers similar freedom of choice, so women can have careers and families, and do what they wish, when they wish, with their own bodies.”

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Marussia has followed Caterham to become the second F1 team placed in administration within days, leaving up to 200 jobs at risk. The Banbury-based team will continue to operate, but has already withdrawn from the forthcoming US Grand Prix.

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"The app can act as a ‘physio-on-your-phone' to encourage AS patients to undertake regular exercises, as instructed by their physiotherapist, to help improve AS symptoms in the long-term. It can also benefit those living in areas of the country with limited access to fitness or health amenities," the ASAI said.

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When war broke out, these women were keen to prove their worth and join the Armed Services. In Britain, members of the Women's Volunteer Reserve, founded in 1914 by wealthy suffragette Evelina Haverfield, adopted army ranks, dressed in khaki and practised their drills in central London - to the scorn of some journalists.

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Streb had to made about a 4-footer for par in the playoff just to keep going. He was nervous over that putt, and the putt for the win. But he came through with a win that not even he would imagined when he walked off the 13th hole with a bogey.

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As more British companies begin to look overseas to tap new markets, the pressure is on George Osborne, the Chancellor, who has set a target to double the value of exports to 1 trillion by 2020, to provide greater financial support to businesses selling abroad.

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Joe Flacco eluded the rush and lofted a pass to Steve Smith, who went 80 yards for an apparent touchdown with 32 seconds left. Smith was called for pushing off on George Iloka to get open, nullifying the play.

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Daredevil skydiver Alan Eustace begins his trip up to the Earth's stratosphere while hanging from the bottom of a high-altitude balloon. Eustace's pressurized spacesuit was attached to the balloon at the back, forcing him to hang from the balloon, facing down. Credit: Paragon.

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LJUBLJANA, Oct 26 (Reuters) - Slovenia's state-owned banksNLB and NKBM failed the European Central Bank's stress test witha joint capital shortfall of 65 million euros in the event of anadverse scenario, the Bank of Slovenia said on Sunday.

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Analysts and some Iraqis now wonder whether President Barack Obama's declared strategy in the Middle East has been abandoned in favour of pursuing a short-term agenda dictated by the news agenda: that the "CNN factor was at play", as Ben Barry, a former British Army brigadier, put it after compiling a detailed analysis of the military situation in Iraq.

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On Tuesday, relatives and friends carry the coffin of a woman killed during an attack by suspected Ugandan ADF-Nalu rebels on the village of Mbau near Beni in north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. More than 20 people were hacked and clubbed to death.

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"And there have been tragic cases, not just of kids being killed when they are given 10 times the dosage of morphine or whatever, but of nurses who are blamed for this subsequently committing suicide."

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Meanwhile, Kaci Hickox, the first nurse forcibly quarantined in New Jersey under the state's new policy, said in a telephone interview with CNN that her isolation at a hospital was "inhumane," adding: "We have to be very careful about letting politicians make health decisions."

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While still fairly limited in scale, Turkey is quickly growing an export market with 121,000 tonnes of product exported in 2013, a YOY increase of 23%, and with a value of US$282 million. This opportunity can be harnessed by investing locally or by using Turkey as a potential re-export hub, though any players wanting to go down this route will find it much easier to do so by engaging with a local partner due to trading polices designed to protect the domestic industry.

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A:.This is my 50th year as an entrepreneur, having started in business at 14 years old. I have had 50 years of being the boss and the leader, and I’ve learned a lot. I am always encouraging people to write books, and I had not written a book about leadership. While this is all relatively fresh in my memory, I thought I would give it a go.

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"We've worked so hard to better the lives of the people, and we won't let anything in this world, not even in this crisis or all the pessimism, take away what they've conquered," Rousseff said before voting in southern Brazil.

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"It’s been a long time away — I’m looking forward to getting back to normal life ... kiss the wife and kiss the kids," said Major Raymond Mitchell, a Marine from Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, who deployed to Afghanistan in January.